Studio Experiences

Be a recording artist or a studio engineer

Studio Session

It's not just for singers - this experience is also perfect for musicians who'd like to record a piece of music. Come along to the session having rehearsed a song or composition and have the studio to yourself. Mickie, an experienced session engineer/producer, will demonstrate the process and offer expert advice on giving the best performance. Get a feel for the mixing process and what happens behind the scenes in the music industry. Then take home your best performance from the session on a CD. This makes a great gift idea too!

We have prepared a useful guide to help you get the best out of your session and as part of the service we can upload your music on our Soundcloud community, which is great for exposure and feedback from like-minded artists.



Have you ever wanted to spend a day learning the technical side of a professional recording studio alongside an experienced engineer and muscian? Mickie is happy to show you the process, setting up the mics, recording the vocals or music then editing, mixing and mastering the session on ProTools. You'll pick up some very useful tips too!


If you have an important speech coming up we can arrange a personal voice workshop with a professional voice over artist, to help you find your confidence and deliver your best performance. Taking into consideration several important aspects including body language, articulation, pitch, speed and pauses, you can listen back to your first and last reading and really hear the difference!