NO VAT CHARGED - prices are all inclusive

There are cheaper studios, but ultimately you get what you pay for. We are always willing to tailor your project to a budget so just call Mickie on 01993 898620 to talk about what he can do for you.

Prices for recording & editing including an engineer are:

Standard Commercial

Morning Session up to 4 Hours £225
Afternoon Session up to 4 Hours £225
Day Session up to8 Hours £400




Non Commercial

Special rates and downtime for local bands at £250 per day to ensure it is an affordable option.

Additional Services

Additional Editing £50 per hour
Voice Over arrangement fee £50 flat fee
Archiving your session £10 flat fee
Home cooked lunch £7 per person
Studio Experience £150 per track
Voice Training £50 per hour





 Team Building Days and Location Recording - please contact us for a bespoke quotation